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Popular mods

A contact form section that also includes email, form, and address. Dark blue theme with white text, based on HTML5 UP theme Forty https://html5up.net/forty
Contact Section with Form
Animated balloon landscape background. Based on a pen by Rico Mossesgeld https://codepen.io/ricotheque/pen/GWMNGo Visuals by Aldrin Tirones
Landscape balloons svg
A responsive navbar with company name and nested links. You can add multi level dropdowns, and it also has the option to add search. As is, the search is wired up to log a message to the console, but you can make it access an external service like Google or Algolia if desired. Based on the Shapely theme at https://colorlib.com/shapely .
Navbar - Shapely
This cookie notification shows up the first time a user visits a page. Clicking Got it dismisses the notification and also adds a cookie called acceptanceCookie to the window. The acceptanceCookie prevents future notifications from showing, and can also be read by any other JS in the window to determine whether or not the user has dismissed the notification. See more docs on the cookie library here: https://github.com/js cookie/js cookie basic usage
Top cookie notice
This responsive footer is based on HTML5 UP theme Forty https://html5up.net/forty Includes social media links like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as copywrite text beneath.
Footer - Forty
Pre styled and responsive blog post sections, with one main section and multiple smaller sections. The main post summary has title, subtitle, image, and description, while the blurb sections have image, date, and short description. They also link to blog posts if desired. Based on the Iridium theme from https://templated.co/iridium
Featured post with list of posts
A single page app module that acts as a standalone web page. It has overlays for intro / description, work, about, and a contact form. Also includes responsive design and intro / overlay transitions. Design inspired by the Dimension theme at html5up https://html5up.net/dimension
Single page theme - Dimension
Based on HTML5 UP theme Forty https://html5up.net/forty
Colors Sections
A side navigation element with headline, links, dropdown, and images. It scrolls vertically to reveal more information, both images and a contact section with email, phone, and address. Also has a section at the bottom for copyright information. Based on HTML5 UP theme Editorial https://html5up.net/editorial
Professional side nav
Elegant, centered contact form that works automatically. Ready to use with name, email, and user message. Based on Templated theme Typify https://templated.co/typify
Contact form
Simple, fixed positioned scroll to top button. Clicking on it will scroll the page to the top Based on the Shapely theme at Templated
Scroll to top button
A user or customer testimonial carousel / slider with quotation and image of each person. Also has a parallax background for scrolling. Inspired by https://colorlib.com/shapely/
Testimonial carousel with parallax
Alternating content sections: each one has its own image and text. Alternates between light and dark backgrounds for the text. Based on the Caminar template at Templated.co https://templated.co/caminar
Alternating dark and light sections
A parallax section based on the Shapely theme at Colorlib. Scrolls a title and subtitle, along with call to action button, over a parallax image background. If you re having trouble viewing the parallax because it won t scroll, you can preview fullscreen and then click the Dummy text button at the top of the page. Inspired by https://colorlib.com/shapely/
Parallax call to action section
A pre styled contact form with name, email, and message. Works automatically. Also allows you to put in your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email, and physical address so that visitors can contact you those ways. Based on the Prism theme from Templated.co https://templated.co/prism
Elegant contact form with contact details
Call to action section with editable text content and a feature image. Also has a button for the main link. Based on the Shapely theme at https://colorlib.com/shapely
Image teaser call to action
A cool folding receipt that simulates paper. Add items in the content section along with their prices, and the total is automatically calculated. Good for showing groups of ecommerce items and how much they cost. Based on a Pen by Kriszta https://codepen.io/vajkri/pen/PrBQxg
Folding receipt
Circular feature images with content for each one. It is responsive automatically. Based on Templated theme Spatial https://templated.co/spatial
Content circles
Starts with a circular overlay with information. Clicking Let s Go closes the overlay and transitions to a home button at the top, which can be clicked again to reopen the overlay. Underneath the overlay is a masonry gallery of images with links. There is a subtle zoom in animation on hover. Based on the Radius theme by Templated found at https://templated.co/radius
Masonry gallery with collapsible call to action overlay
A title and call to action button. Simple and responsive Inspired by https://colorlib.com/shapely/
Call to action button (download)
This mod has alternating sections of content and images, and each section has a button link. You can set the color for each section as well, and the whole thing is responsive. Based on Templated theme Binary https://templated.co/binary
Alternating content sections
A large card unit with full width image and pre style content blocks. ased on the Caminar template at Templated.co https://templated.co/caminar
Caminar - Large card
A basic footer with twitter, facebook, instagram, and copyright information. It is based on Templated theme called Binary https://templated.co/binary
Simple footer
Set of 4 social media links with icons: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. When you hover over a link, the top and bottom border transition to side borders. Based on a Pen by Stockin https://codepen.io/Stockin/pen/bzdNOq
Social links with animations
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