How it works

Add mods anywhere

1.Paste a mod tag in your HTML.

Paste the mod anywhere you want it to show:

<!-- Parallax mod -->
<div id="anymod-nnoda"></div>

Along with a script tag in the <head>:

<!-- AnyMod -->
<script id="AnyMod-script">
  (function (m,o,d,u,l,a,r,i,z,e) {
    u[m]={Project:o,rq:[],Opts:r,ready:function(j){u[m].rq.push(j)}};function j(s){return encodeURIComponent(btoa(s))};z=l.getElementById(m+'-'+a);r=u.location;
<!-- /AnyMod -->
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2.Your mod works automatically.

A fully-functional module is delivered to your page.

3.Customize your mod's code.

Edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

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4.Hundreds of mods to choose from.

Or build your own from scratch.

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5.Save time, work faster, & do more.

AnyMod increases productivity and makes development enjoyable.

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