Featured post with list of posts


Pre styled and responsive blog post sections, with one main section and multiple smaller sections. The main post summary has title, subtitle, image, and description, while the blurb sections have image, date, and short description. They also link to blog posts if desired. Based on the Iridium theme from https://templated.co/iridium edit

Add to your website

looks_onePaste the AnyMod script inside your HTML's <head> section.

looks_twoPaste the mod tag anywhere you want this mod to show.

    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
    <title>Featured post with list of posts</title>

    <!-- AnyMod -->
    <script id="AnyMod-script">
      (function (m,o,d,u,l,a,r,i,z,e) {
        u[m]={Project:o,rq:[],Opts:r,ready:function(j){u[m].rq.push(j)}};function j(s){return encodeURIComponent(btoa(s))};z=l.getElementById(m+'-'+a);r=u.location;
      })('AnyMod','82PEMN','https://cdn.anymod.com/v2',window,document,'script',{ toolkit: true, tips: true, priority: 3 });
    <!-- /AnyMod -->


    <!-- Featured post with list of posts -->
    <div id="anymod-dkdnma"></div>

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