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Starts with a circular overlay with information. Clicking Let s Go closes the overlay and transitions to a home button at the top, which can be clicked again to reopen the overlay. Underneath the overlay is a masonry gallery of images with links. There is a subtle zoom in animation on hover. Based on the Radius theme by Templated found at https://templated.co/radius
Masonry gallery with collapsible call to action overlay
This mod has alternating sections of content and images, and each section has a button link. You can set the color for each section as well, and the whole thing is responsive. Based on Templated theme Binary https://templated.co/binary
Alternating content sections
Set of 4 social media links with icons: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. When you hover over a link, the top and bottom border transition to side borders. Based on a Pen by Stockin https://codepen.io/Stockin/pen/bzdNOq
Social links with animations
This mod is a set of cards with images, title, content, and a link button to see more. Hover over an image card for a zoom in effect. Based on the Epilogue theme from https://templated.co
Image cards with call to action
This is a pre styled content section with title, subtitle, and paragraphs. It s based on the Templated theme called Spatial https://templated.co/spatial
Content block
An animated, colorful navbar section with transition between buttons. Based on a design by Mert Cukuren https://codepen.io/knyttneve/pen/LKrGBy
Animated menu indicator
A bold content section that fades in when scrolled to. Based on Templated theme Binary https://templated.co/binary
Animated fade in hero unit
Dual cards with images and text; easy to manage content. Based on the Introspect theme from https://templated.co/introspect
Image cards section
Responsive content columns with a dark background and thumbnail images. Based on Templated theme ExMachina https://templated.co/exmachina
ExMachina Footer Links
Card to show off a professional profile. Space for name, title, GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn, and tags.
Professional profile section
Based on Templated theme Exmachina https://templated.co/exmachina
Cards on light background
Based on the Epilogue theme from https://templated.co
Fade in hero section
A simple, editable hero image section. Based on Templated theme ExMachina https://templated.co/exmachina
ExMachina Hero
CTA card with icon, title and short description. Based on the Epilogue theme from https://templated.co
Elegant icon call to action
Hover effect that follows the cursor from any direction Based on a pen by Noel Delgado: https://codepen.io/noeldelgado/pen/pGwFx
Directionally Aware 3D Hover Effect
A simple content section with the first letter of each paragraph highlighted. Based on a design by Ananya Neogi https://codepen.io/ananyaneogi/pen/oRWBBE
First letter highlight
Form with multiple slides that progress as the user answers them. Can customize questions and answers in the JavaScript panel. At the end of the form, the user can enter their email address and a message as well.
Multi-stage questionnaire form
Based on Templated theme ExMachina https://templated.co/exmachina
Ex Machina Navbar
Responsive slider timeline with Swiper Based on a pen from Bruno Carvalho: https://codepen.io/bcarvalho/pen/RZqmZX Known issue with resizing when crossing 768px breakpoint iPhone X / tablets orientation change .
Slider timeline
SoundCloud Embed - Open-source, modular web software
SoundCloud Embed
A simple contact form that starts as a card and then flips over to reveal the form when clicked. Based on a design by Danny Beton https://codepen.io/devdanny/pen/JgLjk
Flip contact form
This mod automatically compiles markdown from the HTML section. Reference on how to use markdown can be found here .
Markdown mod
This is a straightforward top to bottom timeline you can add or remove events to. Inspired by a dark timeline by Alan Houser https://codepen.io/alanhouser/pen/aErrQJ
Linear timeline dark
Content section with image on the right and content on the left with a button . Design is based on the Retrospect theme at Templated.co https://templated.co
Card section (left)
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