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A scrollspy is a navigation section that stays up to date on where the user is scrolled. So if the user scrolls manually to a section, it will show that section on the navigation automatically. Clicking on the section will also scroll the page to that section. This scrollspy is based on the Bootstrap implementation.
Scroll spy
This mod is a popup that shows when the mouse exits the window. So if a visitor views the site, then moves to check something out, this will show up and give them another value proposition. The popup will only show once per user. For testing purposes, you can reset the cookies so that the popup shows more than once. To do this, uncomment the line of the JavaScript: resetCookie This will cause the popup to show each time the page loads, instead of only once per user.
Mouseaway popup
This is a simple content section to show off features for a product. It has 4 value proposition cards, each with its own icon and content.
Feature section
This mod automatically compiles markdown from the HTML section. Reference on how to use markdown can be found here .
Markdown mod
A simple contact form that starts as a card and then flips over to reveal the form when clicked. Based on a design by Danny Beton https://codepen.io/devdanny/pen/JgLjk
Flip contact form
Add dots or hotspots on top of an image. When the visitor hovers over a dot, a label shows for price etc . Clicking on each dot also takes the visitor to whichever link is chosen. Design by Irko Palenius
Image hotspots
A progress bar for displaying a set percentage. Edit the percentage 0 100 using the content editor, and it will be displayed on the progress bar. Based on a Pen by user gediminas https://codepen.io/valiooo/pen/qyiov
Progress bar
This is a straightforward top to bottom timeline you can add or remove events to. Inspired by a dark timeline by Alan Houser https://codepen.io/alanhouser/pen/aErrQJ
Linear timeline dark
A split contact form with interactive Google map on the left/top. Contact captures name, email, phone, and a message. Based on a design by Joanez Andrades https://codepen.io/JoanezAndrades/pen/vKdJRw
Contact form with map
Content section with image on the right and content on the left with a button . Design is based on the Retrospect theme at Templated.co https://templated.co
Card section (left)
Modified from mod nkknmm to remove the tags, leaving a simple gallery of clickable squares. A simple gallery with tags, based on the open source Snapshot theme at https://templated.co Snapshot by TEMPLATEDtemplated.coReleased for free under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license templated.co/license
Basic gallery squares
Customer or partner logo section that blurs on hover, revealing a link to see more. Helps build social proof for a product by showing off who else uses it.
Customer display
Responsive cards to show off team members. When you hover over a card, it reveals that team member s profile information. Includes LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, and Facebook. Based on a design by Elegant Themes
Team cards
About me section with description, social media links, and big image. Based loosely on the open source Snapshot design by Templated.co https://templated.co/items/demos/snapshot/
About Me section
A grid of simple cards that pops forward when you click on one try it Design is based on a pen by sean codes https://codepen.io/sean codes/pen/MXLVGj
Animated content grid
Columns for comparing products, similar to how it is done on many ecommerce websites. Each product gets its own column, with title, image, and features.
Product comparison columns
Open-source, modular web software - YouTube banner modal
YouTube banner modal
These team portrait circles are grayscale until hover, and then they show the color and a tooltip with the team member s name and role. The tooltips are based on Tippy and Popper.js, so they never go off the screen. Simple, subtle, and effective
Team thumbnails
A full page carousel for moving between entire sections of content. Each section has its own image and text. Based on the Radius design at Templated.co https://templated.co/items/demos/radius/detail1.html
Full page next / previous
A bulletin board with simulated sticky post it notes. Add or remove notes in the content section. Angle of the notes is random and set when the mod loads. Notes are also responsive.
Bulletin Board
This lets you embed an Instagram post anywhere by adding the post id. It uses the Instagram SDK to render an interactive post, so that you don t have to look up the details in the docs.
Instagram post embed
Content cards that you can swipe left or right to dismiss. The swiping works on mobile or desktop, and the design is responsive.
Swipe cards
A carousel for scrolling or browsing through products. Each product gets its own image, pricing, and link to the product page.
Product carousel
A hero unit based on the Snapshot template at Templated.co https://templated.co/items/demos/snapshot/index.html
Snapshot hero
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