Popular mods

An animated, colorful navbar section with transition between buttons. Based on a design by Mert Cukuren https://codepen.io/knyttneve/pen/LKrGBy
Animated menu indicator
Form with multiple slides that progress as the user answers them. Can customize questions and answers in the JavaScript panel. At the end of the form, the user can enter their email address and a message as well.
Multi-stage questionnaire form
Responsive slider timeline with Swiper Based on a pen from Bruno Carvalho: https://codepen.io/bcarvalho/pen/RZqmZX Known issue with resizing when crossing 768px breakpoint iPhone X / tablets orientation change .
Slider timeline
SoundCloud Embed - Open-source, modular web software
SoundCloud Embed
Columns for comparing products, similar to how it is done on many ecommerce websites. Each product gets its own column, with title, image, and features.
Product comparison columns
About me section with description, social media links, and big image. Based loosely on the open source Snapshot design by Templated.co https://templated.co/items/demos/snapshot/
About Me section
A bulletin board with simulated sticky post it notes. Add or remove notes in the content section. Angle of the notes is random and set when the mod loads. Notes are also responsive.
Bulletin Board
A full page carousel for moving between entire sections of content. Each section has its own image and text. Based on the Radius design at Templated.co https://templated.co/items/demos/radius/detail1.html
Full page next / previous
A grid of simple cards that pops forward when you click on one try it Design is based on a pen by sean codes https://codepen.io/sean codes/pen/MXLVGj
Animated content grid
MailChimp Signup - Open-source, modular web software
MailChimp Signup
Video hero section - Open-source, modular web software
Video hero section
An example content section for using split A/B testing on a page. When a given version loads for the user, it is saved as a cookie so that future page reloads will show the same version. By default there is an A and a B version of the content, which will be loaded randomly for the user. That value A or B is stored in the splitValue cookie, and can be used for analytics if desired.
Split testing
Slick Carousel C - Open-source, modular web software
Slick Carousel C
Contact Form with reCAPTCHA - Open-source, modular web software
Contact Form with reCAPTCHA
An animated content section based on the open source Cascade theme a Templated.co https://templated.co
Animated section
Material Design inspired image cards set in a side scroller. When hovering over the side scroller and scrolling up/down, the side scroller will move left/right. Each card has its own link as well.
Horizontal scroll cards
Customer or partner logo section that blurs on hover, revealing a link to see more. Helps build social proof for a product by showing off who else uses it.
Customer display
Responsive images for linking to ecommerce products
Ecommerce banner
Carousel slider - Open-source, modular web software
Carousel slider
Pop up form - Open-source, modular web software
Pop up form
Flex gallery - Open-source, modular web software
Flex gallery
Quotation block that fades in when the page loads. Design is based on a Pen by Dudley Storey https://codepen.io/dudleystorey/pen/pRLMrE
Quotation fade in
Masonry gallery hover zoom - Open-source, modular web software
Masonry gallery hover zoom
Simple Footer - Open-source, modular web software
Simple Footer