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Open-source, modular web software - Portfolio gallery
Portfolio gallery
A scrollspy is a navigation section that stays up to date on where the user is scrolled. So if the user scrolls manually to a section, it will show that section on the navigation automatically. Clicking on the section will also scroll the page to that section. This scrollspy is based on the Bootstrap implementation.
Scroll spy
Add dots or hotspots on top of an image. When the visitor hovers over a dot, a label shows for price etc . Clicking on each dot also takes the visitor to whichever link is chosen. Design by Irko Palenius
Image hotspots
Customer or partner logo section that blurs on hover, revealing a link to see more. Helps build social proof for a product by showing off who else uses it.
Customer display
These team portrait circles are grayscale until hover, and then they show the color and a tooltip with the team member s name and role. The tooltips are based on Tippy and Popper.js, so they never go off the screen. Simple, subtle, and effective
Team thumbnails
Content cards that you can swipe left or right to dismiss. The swiping works on mobile or desktop, and the design is responsive.
Swipe cards
A vertical scrolling timeline you can edit. Styling is based on a vertical timeline experiment by CodyHouse https://github.com/CodyHouse/vertical timeline
Open-source, modular web software - Simple Footer
Simple Footer
Open-source, modular web software - Google Map with Marker
Google Map with Marker
Open-source, modular web software - Slick Carousel C
Slick Carousel C
Open-source, modular web software - Photoswipe gallery
Photoswipe gallery
A swipeable carousel for team member. It shows the image circle, name, and role. Works on desktop with arrow or swipe, and on mobile.
Team carousel
Open-source, modular web software - Animate flex grid
Animate flex grid
Open-source, modular web software - Pricing table
Pricing table
A diamond team page that shows the name and role of each team member on hover. Design based on https://codepen.io/nahidul/pen/WXKONJ but made responsive.
Team page diamonds
Full page content sections text or images that scroll one page at a time to the next section. The effect is similar to a presentation, where each content section is in view on its own.
Full page scroll A
This is a professional team section with space to say a little more for each member of the team. When you hover on the image, it shows a description and professional links like LinkedIn, GitHub, and Twitter Based on a concept by Shamim Khan https://codepen.io/shamim539/pen/VvLLdV
Team member section
Open-source, modular web software - Responsive image
Responsive image
Open-source, modular web software - Circles nav
Circles nav
Content section with a colorful image background and text that pops. Also has a call to action button below the text, for engaging the visitor.
Hero background section
Open-source, modular web software - Fixed navbar
Fixed navbar
Text with background shapes, based on https://codepen.io/jorgert1205/pen/yZayrB
Discover text
Main content section with background and foreground images, plus headline text and a call to action button.
Hero Section
Open-source, modular web software - Face detection crop
Face detection crop