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Form - Open-source, modular web software
Contact Form with reCAPTCHA option - Open-source, modular web software
Contact Form with reCAPTCHA option
A responsive, colorful timeline based on flexbox. Add and remove events. Note: when you add or remove an event, be sure to update the content field: numberOfItemsTo reflect the correct number. This is used to calculate the proper height This mod is based on a design by Paul Barker https://codepen.io/paulhbarker/pen/apvGdv/
Colorful vertical timeline
These team portrait circles are grayscale until hover, and then they show the color and a tooltip with the team member s name and role. The tooltips are based on Tippy and Popper.js, so they never go off the screen. Simple, subtle, and effective
Team thumbnails
A simple section content wise, but has a nice effect of moving the image up and fading in as the user scrolls into the section. The scrolling appearance is based on the library AOS animate on scroll https://github.com/michalsnik/aos
Scroll animate section
A hero unit based on the Snapshot template at Templated.co https://templated.co/items/demos/snapshot/index.html
Snapshot hero
Cloudinary image upload widget - Open-source, modular web software
Cloudinary image upload widget
Comprehensive contact form - Open-source, modular web software
Comprehensive contact form
Content section with image on the left and content on the right with a button . Design is based on the Retrospect theme at Templated.co https://templated.co
Card section
Chart.js bar graph - Open-source, modular web software
Chart.js bar graph
Masonry gallery - Open-source, modular web software
Masonry gallery
A simple image section with parallax effect, based on https://simpleparallax.com/
Simple parallax section
Based on a Pen by Katherine Kato https://codepen.io/kathykato/pen/rZRaNe
Learn more button
An example content section for using split A/B testing on a page. When a given version loads for the user, it is saved as a cookie so that future page reloads will show the same version. By default there is an A and a B version of the content, which will be loaded randomly for the user. That value A or B is stored in the splitValue cookie, and can be used for analytics if desired.
Split testing
Image gallery A - Open-source, modular web software
Image gallery A
This is a contact directory that gives email and phone number of each team member so that it s easy to click to contact them. It is based on a design by Ren Walker.
Team directory
Gallery 5 panel - Open-source, modular web software
Gallery 5 panel
Flex gallery - Open-source, modular web software
Flex gallery
Quickchart bar graph - Open-source, modular web software
Quickchart bar graph
This team page has a classic look with a white border around each team member. Hover to show more information and a Read More link for each user. The design is based on a Pen by Team Solution Drop https://codepen.io/solutiondrop/pen/IqKhk
Team portraits
Content section with a colorful image background and text that pops. Also has a call to action button below the text, for engaging the visitor.
Hero background section
Dismissable message - Open-source, modular web software
Dismissable message
This is a simple content section to show off features for a product. It has 4 value proposition cards, each with its own icon and content.
Feature section
Simple nav with sidebar - Open-source, modular web software
Simple nav with sidebar