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Open-source, modular web software - Image preloader
Image preloader
This mod is a popup that shows when the mouse exits the window. So if a visitor views the site, then moves to check something out, this will show up and give them another value proposition. The popup will only show once per user. For testing purposes, you can reset the cookies so that the popup shows more than once. To do this, uncomment the line of the JavaScript: resetCookie This will cause the popup to show each time the page loads, instead of only once per user.
Mouseaway popup
Open-source, modular web software - Portfolio gallery
Portfolio gallery
This is a content section with alternating images and text, great for highlighting features or describing a product or service. For each subsection, you can choose whether the image is on the right or the left of the text.
Feature page
Open-source, modular web software - Masonry gallery
Masonry gallery
Quotation block that fades in when the page loads. Design is based on a Pen by Dudley Storey https://codepen.io/dudleystorey/pen/pRLMrE
Quotation fade in
Open-source, modular web software - Flex gallery
Flex gallery
Responsive cards for showing off a portfolio of work. Cards slide up when you hover over them, and you can click to view more.
Portfolio slide up cards
A hero unit main section with content, a video background, and a button to gracefully scroll to the next section. Design based on the Full Motion theme by Templated.co https://templated.co/fullmotion
Hero unit with scroll
A lightweight accordion based on a design by David Fitas https://codepen.io/dfitzy/pen/JGVzoX
Lightweight accordion
Open-source, modular web software - Follow me slide button
Follow me slide button
An example content section for using split A/B testing on a page. When a given version loads for the user, it is saved as a cookie so that future page reloads will show the same version. By default there is an A and a B version of the content, which will be loaded randomly for the user. That value A or B is stored in the splitValue cookie, and can be used for analytics if desired.
Split testing
Open-source, modular web software - Swing up form
Swing up form
Open-source, modular web software - Dismissable message
Dismissable message
Open-source, modular web software - Chart.js bar graph
Chart.js bar graph
Header content section plus multiple tabbed sections with additional content. Each tab has its own content text or images .
Tabbed multi section
Responsive dark theme section with image cards. Each one has text and a colorful button. Attribution: This is based on the Full Motion theme at Templated.co https://templated.co/
Dark cards
Content section with a colorful image background and text that pops. Also has a call to action button below the text, for engaging the visitor.
Hero background section
Open-source, modular web software - Spin.js spinner
Spin.js spinner
Open-source, modular web software - Video hero section
Video hero section
Open-source, modular web software - Circular MailChimp Signup
Circular MailChimp Signup
Open-source, modular web software - Circles nav
Circles nav
Open-source, modular web software - Random gif generator (Giphy API)
Random gif generator (Giphy API)
Open-source, modular web software - Image preloader
Image preloader