Popular mods

Responsive content columns with a dark background and thumbnail images. Based on Templated theme ExMachina https://templated.co/exmachina
ExMachina Footer Links
CTA card with icon, title and short description. Based on the Epilogue theme from https://templated.co
Elegant icon call to action
YouTube banner modal - Open-source, modular web software
YouTube banner modal
Columns for comparing products, similar to how it is done on many ecommerce websites. Each product gets its own column, with title, image, and features.
Product comparison columns
This mod is a popup that shows when the mouse exits the window. So if a visitor views the site, then moves to check something out, this will show up and give them another value proposition. The popup will only show once per user. For testing purposes, you can reset the cookies so that the popup shows more than once. To do this, uncomment the line of the JavaScript: resetCookie This will cause the popup to show each time the page loads, instead of only once per user.
Mouseaway popup
Portfolio gallery - Open-source, modular web software
Portfolio gallery
These team portrait circles are grayscale until hover, and then they show the color and a tooltip with the team member s name and role. The tooltips are based on Tippy and Popper.js, so they never go off the screen. Simple, subtle, and effective
Team thumbnails
A carousel for scrolling or browsing through products. Each product gets its own image, pricing, and link to the product page.
Product carousel
Dark form - Open-source, modular web software
Dark form
Accordion side menu - Open-source, modular web software
Accordion side menu
Video hero section - Open-source, modular web software
Video hero section
Content section with image on the left and content on the right with a button . Design is based on the Retrospect theme at Templated.co https://templated.co
Card section
Left navbar - Open-source, modular web software
Left navbar
A hero main content section with text and a link, where the background image moves slightly as the mouse passes over it. Background movement based lightly on work by Chris Boon https://codepen.io/chrisboon27/pen/rEDIC
Hero background with mouse parallax
Swing up form - Open-source, modular web software
Swing up form
Elegant contact form - Open-source, modular web software
Elegant contact form
Signup section - Open-source, modular web software
Signup section
Card deck focused on driving purchase. Each card has an icon and room for a value proposition. CSS based on Bootstrap v4
Purchase cards
This team page has a classic look with a white border around each team member. Hover to show more information and a Read More link for each user. The design is based on a Pen by Team Solution Drop https://codepen.io/solutiondrop/pen/IqKhk
Team portraits
Quickchart bar graph - Open-source, modular web software
Quickchart bar graph
Use this form to let people contact you at a specific department with their name, email address, and message.
Get in touch form
Side Navigation Menu Drawer - Open-source, modular web software
Side Navigation Menu Drawer
A parallax scroll with 2 images and a middle content section. Based on Materialize library.
Scroll magic gallery - Open-source, modular web software
Scroll magic gallery