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Horizontal scroll cards - Open-source, modular web software
Horizontal scroll cards
This mod is a set of cards with images, title, content, and a link button to see more. Hover over an image card for a zoom in effect. Based on the Epilogue theme from https://templated.co
Image cards with call to action
A bold content section that fades in when scrolled to. Based on Templated theme Binary https://templated.co/binary
Animated fade in hero unit
Dual cards with images and text; easy to manage content. Based on the Introspect theme from https://templated.co/introspect
Image cards section
Based on the Epilogue theme from https://templated.co
Fade in hero section
A scrollspy is a navigation section that stays up to date on where the user is scrolled. So if the user scrolls manually to a section, it will show that section on the navigation automatically. Clicking on the section will also scroll the page to that section. This scrollspy is based on the Bootstrap implementation.
Scroll spy
A hero unit with image and link. Based on the Introspect template at Templated.co https://templated.co/introspect
Hero unit - Introspect
This is a straightforward top to bottom timeline you can add or remove events to. Inspired by a dark timeline by Alan Houser https://codepen.io/alanhouser/pen/aErrQJ
Linear timeline dark
A progress bar for displaying a set percentage. Edit the percentage 0 100 using the content editor, and it will be displayed on the progress bar. Based on a Pen by user gediminas https://codepen.io/valiooo/pen/qyiov
Progress bar
A simple section content wise, but has a nice effect of moving the image up and fading in as the user scrolls into the section. The scrolling appearance is based on the library AOS animate on scroll https://github.com/michalsnik/aos
Scroll animate section
Dismissable message - Open-source, modular web software
Dismissable message
A card deck from Bootstrap v4, with image cards and a call to action for each one.
Call to action
Square gallery photoswipe - Open-source, modular web software
Square gallery photoswipe
This is a content section with alternating images and text, great for highlighting features or describing a product or service. For each subsection, you can choose whether the image is on the right or the left of the text.
Feature page
YouTube thumbnail modal - Open-source, modular web software
YouTube thumbnail modal
A full page scroll magic section, where scrolling causes the content to switch from one section to another by sliding side to side. Adds a nice touch to certain designs.
Scroll Magic B
Full page content sections text or images that scroll one page at a time to the next section. The effect is similar to a presentation, where each content section is in view on its own.
Full page scroll A
A text mask over the background image of your choice.
Image letter text
This is a professional team section with space to say a little more for each member of the team. When you hover on the image, it shows a description and professional links like LinkedIn, GitHub, and Twitter Based on a concept by Shamim Khan https://codepen.io/shamim539/pen/VvLLdV
Team member section
Stylish cards on stylish dark background. Based on Templated theme Exmachina https://templated.co/exmachina
Cards on dark background
Quotation block that fades in when the page loads. Design is based on a Pen by Dudley Storey https://codepen.io/dudleystorey/pen/pRLMrE
Quotation fade in
Responsive cards to show off team members. When you hover over a card, it reveals that team member s profile information. Includes LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, and Facebook. Based on a design by Elegant Themes
Team cards
This table will change its orientation to become a list when the browser window gets narrow. Based on a concept by https://codepen.io/geoffyuen/pen/FCBEg
Responsive table
Attribution: https://codepen.io/jackiezen/pen/bvqqOo jackiezen.com Click or hover over any house, lamp post, or tree for an animation. Based on the work of Andrei tefan
Cityscapes animation