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Open-source, modular web software - Horizontal scroll cards
Horizontal scroll cards
A scrollspy is a navigation section that stays up to date on where the user is scrolled. So if the user scrolls manually to a section, it will show that section on the navigation automatically. Clicking on the section will also scroll the page to that section. This scrollspy is based on the Bootstrap implementation.
Scroll spy
A progress bar for displaying a set percentage. Edit the percentage 0 100 using the content editor, and it will be displayed on the progress bar. Based on a Pen by user gediminas https://codepen.io/valiooo/pen/qyiov
Progress bar
This is a straightforward top to bottom timeline you can add or remove events to. Inspired by a dark timeline by Alan Houser https://codepen.io/alanhouser/pen/aErrQJ
Linear timeline dark
Responsive cards to show off team members. When you hover over a card, it reveals that team member s profile information. Includes LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, and Facebook. Based on a design by Elegant Themes
Team cards
A full page scroll magic section, where scrolling causes the content to switch from one section to another by sliding side to side. Adds a nice touch to certain designs.
Scroll Magic B
This is a content section with alternating images and text, great for highlighting features or describing a product or service. For each subsection, you can choose whether the image is on the right or the left of the text.
Feature page
Quotation block that fades in when the page loads. Design is based on a Pen by Dudley Storey https://codepen.io/dudleystorey/pen/pRLMrE
Quotation fade in
A text mask over the background image of your choice.
Image letter text
Open-source, modular web software - YouTube thumbnail modal
YouTube thumbnail modal
Colorful text sections that scroll by overlaying each other to create a cool visual effect.
Scroll Magic A
Open-source, modular web software - Masonry gallery hover zoom
Masonry gallery hover zoom
Open-source, modular web software - Square gallery photoswipe
Square gallery photoswipe
Full page content sections text or images that scroll one page at a time to the next section. The effect is similar to a presentation, where each content section is in view on its own.
Full page scroll A
Open-source, modular web software - Dismissable message
Dismissable message
A card deck from Bootstrap v4, with image cards and a call to action for each one.
Call to action
Main above the fold content section with a navbar, background image, and side menu built in. Also has a prominent call to action button for guiding visitors.
Hero fixed background
This is a professional team section with space to say a little more for each member of the team. When you hover on the image, it shows a description and professional links like LinkedIn, GitHub, and Twitter Based on a concept by Shamim Khan https://codepen.io/shamim539/pen/VvLLdV
Team member section
This table will change its orientation to become a list when the browser window gets narrow. Based on a concept by https://codepen.io/geoffyuen/pen/FCBEg
Responsive table
Attribution: https://codepen.io/jackiezen/pen/bvqqOo jackiezen.com Click or hover over any house, lamp post, or tree for an animation. Based on the work of Andrei tefan
Cityscapes animation
Open-source, modular web software - Fixed navbar
Fixed navbar
Simple tabs for showing off content in a more structured way.
Tab content
Card with multiple content sections separated by pill buttons tabs .
Nav card
Text with background shapes, based on https://codepen.io/jorgert1205/pen/yZayrB
Discover text